Questions to ask when buying a property

Published Nov 3, 2016 – 2 mins read

When you buy a house, you’re buying into more than just the bricks and mortar. You are making an active decision to invest in a home, which matches your lifestyle. Buying a home is a very important decision, and as such needs careful thought and consideration. In order to find your dream home, you need to be asking the right questions.

Most of us will ask the old familiar questions like; where will I put the furniture? Which rooms will I be spending money on renovating first? How can I possibly extend the property in the future? But in the end there will be more in depth questions worth considering and, more importantly, worth asking.

Your first step should be looking at the surrounding area where the property is located i.e. Is there a flight path nearby? If so, would that suit you? Is the property and its grounds close to a flood plain? Do the trees in the garden have TPO’s (Tree Protection Order) – Which in turn could interfere with garden design or say, a kitchen extension? Although your solicitor will carry out due diligence in application of the local area; you should still be aware of any plans for new homes/commercial property to be built close by in the future.

The next step is looking at the property itself and what it has to offer. If, for instance, the property has had several owners in the past few years, what was the reasoning behind this? Do you know anything about the neighbours? Are there any planning consents or event restrictions on the property? Can you see any structural issues i.e. crack in the walls, a damp smell, draft coming through the windows – Are these issues that can be resolved, what would be the cost?

At Garrington we understand that researching these questions can be time consuming and stressful; as a solution we carry out extensive due diligence and reporting on the property, ensuring you make well informed decisions moving forward. If you are considering a move in the East market, contact Garrington Property Finders today to find out how we can assist you in purchasing your dream property.